August 2014

Peer Juries- RJ or not?; Crime and Poverty; Anger, Forgiveness Redemption

August 22, 2014

OpEdNews- Joan Brunwasser- Are peer juries a restorative process? Decide for yourself…..

The Economist- Crime and poverty are associated, but how? The answer might surprise you. Read more….

The Oregonian- Edwin Rios- After anger and forgiveness comes redemption. The true meaning of RJ. Read more…

Carbondale Community- Chris Hottensen- Restorative justice discipline plan changes path of student- Disruptive behaviour in children always has underlying causes. Children deserve second and third chances. Read more….

ArchDaily- Conner Walker- Prisoners Designing Prisons- Restorative Justice in Action- Read more… In a related article in the Los Angeles Times- Lee Romney- Read more….

Law Times- Yamri Taddese- Canada’s prison paradox- Crime is falling yet prisons are overcrowded and more are being built. Why? Read more…

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Harper’s PR Obsession; Cut to Prisoner’s Pay; Prisoner’s Justice Day

August 14, 2014

iPolitics- Steve Sullivan-  “…the “Tackling Violent Crime Act,” the “Truth in Sentencing Act” and the “Increasing Offenders Accountability for Victims Act” have encountered problems in the courts, despite their catchy titles. The courts, it seems, prefer good law over bad PR….” Continue reading…

The Toronto Star- Donovan Vincent- Pay for inmates for various types of work has been slashed form $1.40/hr to $0 and from $3/day to $2/day. Prisoners often use their pay to help support family members, pay for family visits and calls, save for their release from prison, and to pay for personal hygiene products, over the counter medications and other items that were previously subsidized. Continue reading…..

CBCNews- “Prisoners’ Justice Day in Canada. It’s a day when thousands of inmates across the country fast and refuse to work to recognize the hundreds of inmates who have died in custody in the past four decades.” Continue reading….

The Windsor Star- Derek Spalding- Canada promises $3.6M to continue youth justice reform in Ukraine. Read more…

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RJ Pitfalls

August 12, 2014

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange- OP-ED: John Lash- The greatest threat to restorative justice (RJ) is co-optation by the current system.

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Popularity of Restorative Justice Has Its Pitfalls

August 12, 2014

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange- OP-ED: John Lash- The greatest threat to RJ is co-optation by the current system.

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Hate Crime and Community Dynamics

August 11, 2014

OUPblog- Hate Crime and Community Dynamics– Mark Austin Walters- Can RJ processes effectively address crimes motivated by identity-based prejudice.

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UK- RJ Pros and Cons; RJ Circles help a community; Victims choice-residential school documents

August 11, 2014

UK -Exeter Express and Echo– In 2012-2013 in Devon and Cornwall 1/3 of crimes committed were dealt with utilizing restorative justice. They included rape, other sexual offences, burglaries, drug trafficking and other crimes of violence. Outcomes were less than stellar and local MP Ben Bradshaw is calling for limiting the use of restorative justice. An insight into the lower levels of harm reparation in Devon and Cornwall as compared to some other jurisdictions can be found in the OUPblog by Mark Austin Walters. Inexperienced practitioners, coercion by police to participate in the process and the lack of restorativeness of the intervention. 

Sonoma County Gazette- Seeking Justice means different things to different people- Vesta Copestakes- Restorative Circles help a community make sense of an Officer involved shooting death. Continue reading….

The Toronto Star- Court orders residential school documents destroyed- after 15 years– Tim Alamenciak- “Justice Paul Perell issued a direction in writing this week ordering the records be destroyed after a 15-year holding period and notice process that would give survivors the choice to maintain their records in an archive.”


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Restorative Justice- Path to healing

August 05, 2014

Sonoma County Gazette- Magick Altman- Restorative Justice- Path to healing- Listening circle 

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