September 2014

Murdered in Jail; Engaging Youth

September 23, 2014

The Toronto Star- Richard J. Brennan- Lawsuit targets ‘unbelievable’ violence at London jail- Violence, brutality, intimidation, overcrowding, mental illness is a recipe for disaster and it has been happening at the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre for at least 10 years. The facts are appalling. Continue reading…

Calgary Herald- Reid Southwick- Pilot project aimed at preventing crime at a young age– “Government and social agencies have collaborated to provide students at Patrick Airlie School and Holy Trinity School in Forest Lawn with full-time phys-ed teachers and psychologists, after-school programs, better nutrition and positive interactions with police, among other help.” This makes sense. Engagement of our youth through education and fun, worthwhile activities will accomplish more than any intervention after a harm has been committed. 

This is especially true when dealing with gangs. Read more… And a related article…continue reading…

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Rwanda 20 yrs. later; Canadian gang life; RJ at work; A Moment of RJ

September 19, 2014

Thomson Reuters Foundation- Alex Whiting- Photographer finds young Rwandans building a nation of peace- …”if you hold onto hate you have no future, ….they must learn to forgive, that they must not embrace their parents’ prejudices.” Read more….

The Globe & Mail- Allan Maki- Report offers rare peek into Canadian gang life and high-risk youth- “The national crime rate continues to fall;…. Gang-related violence, however, is still on the rise.” Why do young people join gangs? What should we do to help youth make different choices? Continue reading…

The Guardian- Anna Bawden- How restorative justice is steering young offenders away from crime- The interesting point in this article is how the young offender was required to make amends to the community after his arrest for criminal damage. Read more….

Truthout- Jean Trounstine- A Moment of Restorative Justice- “For those of us who witnessed this, it was a moment of grace and an example of why restorative justice was created.” Continue reading….


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RJ: The way we chose to be in the world; Can RJ be used in cases of domestic violence?

September 11, 2014

East Tennesean- Shae Keane- Impeachment or restorative justice?- A student speaks about restoration, transformation and the way we choose to be in the world. Read more….

The New York Times- Opinion- Leigh Goodmark- Healthy Alternatives to Prosecution Can Help Victims- The debate about whether RJ can be used in cases of domestic violence is ongoing…. Read the opinions for and against.

CBCNews- Nova Scotia- Nichele Benn faces more charges after spat at Quest- Have we learned nothing from the death of Ashley Smith? Read more….

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RJ and Community Policing; Restorative Circles to resolve Financial Fraud

September 10, 2014

CNN Opinion- John D. Due Jr.- Restorative Justice is a win-win- “Restorative justice is central to the success of community policing.” says civil rights veteran John Due. If police engage with offenders, victims and civic leaders, they can be a force for uniting places like Ferguson. Read more….

Sun News/QMI Agency- Alberta First Nation board members collected nearly $3M while community lacked running water, audit shows. The response from the Lubicon Cree community is to hold restorative justice circles to begin healing and rebuilding. Read more….

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Reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians: by what means?; Recidivism Down

September 05, 2014

The Canadian Press- Stephanie Levitz- Former PM’s Paul Martin, Joe Clarke join forces with Aboriginal Leaders- “A complete breakdown in the relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians must be repaired for the moral and economic good of the country, a high-profile panel said Thursday. But while the establishment of Canadians for a New Partnership is being heralded as a way to do so, one First Nations chief says true reconciliation is likely to require more than just dialogue and education.” Continue reading….

The Guardian- Jocelyne Lloyd- Number of people who reoffend dropping: Justice department- “Prince Edward Island is the first province in Canada to use the made-in-Canada program that trains probation officers and youth workers to help those who come into conflict with the law to get back to living normal lives. Since it was introduced two years ago, the number of people who have reoffended has dropped by 14 per cent.” Read more….

Thomson Reuters Foundation- Katy Migiro- Police offer woman who killed Kenyan teenager with FGM a cow for retiring- The circumstances are horrific but this too is restorative justice. Read more….

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Federal Government puts itself above the law when it comes to Residential Schools

September 04, 2014

NetNewsledger- James Murray- Charlie Angus Taking on Justice Minister over Residential Schools- “….the Federal government cannot choose to place itself about the laws of the land simply because it is the defendant.” But that is exactly what the Harper government has done. Read the full letter….

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Tough on Crime Agenda; Relationships turn around crime rates; Forgiveness for peace

September 03, 2014

CBC News- Jason Proctor- Robert Latimer case: How Harper’s tough agenda ignores individual nature of crime- “Our justice system is a reflection of what we consider right and wrong as Canadians, a chance to show the worst among us our better selves. Not to prejudge anything — including punishment. All crime is unique in its impact on victims. All criminals are individuals. And sometimes, they’re people we know.” Justice requires choices to serve the needs of victim, offender and community and should be tailored to individual cases, not a one-size-fits all. Continue reading…..

The New York Times- Kate Zernicki- Camden Turns Around With New Police Force- One of the pillars of restorative justice is about relationship. Read how a police force by going back to the basics of relationship change the crime rate.

Reuters- Columbia’s war victims ask country to support peace talks- “Victims of Colombia’s 50-year-old war pleaded with peace negotiators to reach a deal and said they were willing to forgive heinous acts of cruelty, urging Colombians to unite behind the effort to end the bloodshed.” A return to peace and prosperity, RJ’s broad scope- Read more…

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RJ in campus sexual assault??; Federal ‘tough on crime’ plan costs; Restorative practices in schools

September 01, 2014

The Washington Post- Valerie Strauss- Does ‘restorative justice’ in campus sexual assault cases make sense? Read more about the pros and cons…..

Calgary Herald- Jason Van Rassel- Federal ‘tough on crime’ plan could cost Alberta $18M a year- “….. Canada’s crime rate consistently decreasing since historic highs in the 1990s, and at its lowest point in 40 years. “The Harper government and the Alberta government are 20 years behind the times,” said Ian Savage of the Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers’ Association.” Read all…..

Daily Pilot- Hannah Fry- Restorative practices in schools are becoming part of the school boards agenda- a good sign. Read more…

Share News- Support worker struggles to help Black inmates- The John Howard Society at work. More needs to be done to help Black inmates learn new life skills to change their lives when released. Read more…..


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