October 2014

CoSA; RJ in schools; Aboriginal Rights; Where do RJ values begin

October 06, 2014

iPolitics- Steve Sullivan– The violent sexual assault and death of a young woman in Surrey BC by a repeat offender is fuelling the tough on crime talk. Why was he not declared a dangerous offender? And yet the federal government will cut funding to the only program CoSA that has been shown to be effective in dealing with sexual offenders. The dilemma faces all of us. How do we deal with habitual violent offenders and can community programs really keep us safe? The American judicial system continues to move away from “tough on crime.”

Brockville Recorder- Alanah Duffy- Focused on problem solving– When schools turn to restorative justice. Sonoma County Gazette- John Beck- Restoring JUSTICE

The Globe and Mail- Sean Fine- Saskatchewan courts miss mark in Aboriginal sentencing, former judge urges– “An outspoken retired judge is accusing the judiciary of failing Canada’s aboriginal peoples by ignoring their history of disadvantage when crafting sentences – even as the proportion of aboriginal men and women behind bars continues to rise.”  CIGI Podcast- Rodolfo Stavenhagen, Andrew Thompson- Indigenous Rights

Huffington Post- Mauricio Lim Miller- My Mother’s Influence: Why We Must Recognize Personal Relationships– A story of where RJ values truly begin.

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