December 2014

Poverty in Canada; Solitary; RJ and sexual crime; Aboriginal Justice

December 17, 2014

The Canadian Press- Poverty In Canada: 1 In 7 Lived In Low-Income Families In 2012, StatsCan Says– The statistics are disheartening. The Guardian UK- Food banks don’t solve food poverty.- Graham Riches- Does it take a British publication to point out to Canadians that 11.6% of Canadians experience food insecurity. The economic and social implications are unacceptable and in the opinion of Louise Arbour, a human rights issue.

The Daily Beast- Dear GOP Fix the Damn Justice System!– Jonathan Alter- Are social conditions in the US today similar to those that gave rise to the French Revolution?

The Globe and Mail- Editorial- Corrections Canada failed Edward Snowshoe, and it knows it– ….”flagrant overuse of solitary confinement – a punitive measure so counter-productive that even the incarceration-crazy United States is putting an end to it.” Related- The Globe and Mail- Retired Supreme Court Justice Arbour slams practice of solitary confinement. Restorative justice may provide additional justice mechanism for victims of sexual crime, study shows– Victims should have the choice.

Montreal Gazette- Opinion: Justice for Indigenous children- the heart of reconciliation– Terry LeBlanc- “To be truly reconciled, several issues need our consideration, but one that deserves our immediate attention is the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis children.”

The Toronto Star- Editorial- Doubling of native women in prison is a blight– “…just 4 per cent of Canadian women are aboriginal. Fully 40 per cent of women in federal and provincial jails are aboriginal, a staggering 97-per-cent increase in the number of aboriginal women jailed over the past decade.” More accolades for Community Justice Centre– Kudos!

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Truth & Reconciliation; RJ & Sexual Assault; Drug Courts

December 05, 2014

Yes!Magazine- Fania Davis- reporting- The US Needs a Truth and Reconciliation Process on Violence Against African Americans– “The problem is hundreds of years old, and it is one we must take on as a nation. Truth and reconciliation processes offer the greatest hope.” Can RJ stop the carnage? Is it time and is it the will of the people?

The Hill- Daniel Choi- South Korea and Japan: Restorative Justice and Reconciliation– “The chilly relationship between South Korea and Japan continues to be a significant obstacle to agreements in East Asia. Perhaps a restorative justice approach, similar to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Post-Apartheid South Africa, can create a path towards a culture of peace and reconciliation between the two states.”

iPolitics- Steve Sullivan- How to settle the Pacetti affair- without politics– Is there still a debate? Can RJ be used in cases of sexual assault (alleged)?

Huffington Post- Robert Koehler- Restorative Justice and the Rebirth of Chicago– “The vision is a city interlaced with restorative justice hubs — community centers that bring hope and promise to troubled kids in a town where too many of them are dying.”

Brandon Sun- Mia Rabson- Province awaits drug court details– ““The drug treatment court (DTC) model is a valuable alternative to the correctional system for drug-addicted offenders,” said Clarissa Lamb in an emailed statement. “Through the collaboration and co-operation between health and court authorities, positive outcomes for the drug-addicted offender are being achieved.”” Lets hope the federal government is listening and renews the funding.

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Gladue; Texas closing prisons; Aboriginal women behind bars; RJ not just about forgiveness

December 04, 2014

Legal Feeds- Funding made available for Gladue report writers in Ontario– Yamri Taddese- “Gladue reports — which include recommendations for conviction, such as restorative justice — are submitted to courts due to the disproportionate number of aboriginal people in the criminal justice system.” Culturally sensitive access to justice issue is recognized.

BBC News- Why Texas is closing prisons in favour of rehab– Danny Kruger- Read about Right on Crime and the highly successful Prison Entrepreneurship Programme.

The Canadian Press- Steve Rennie- CTV News report- Big spike in aboriginal women behind bars: government study– “The over-representation of aboriginal people in the Canadian criminal justice system has been acknowledged as one of the most challenging aspects facing the justice system today,” What is required is a concerted effort to develop services in the community so individuals are prevented from being criminalized in the first place.

Goderich Signal-Star- Restorative justice not just about forgiveness– Dave Flaherty- “Restorative justice isn’t about simply forgiving past transgressions, but allowing those who were wronged to have a voice. While restorative justice doesn’t have all the answers, it does have some.”

The Canadian Press- Jim Bronskill- CTV News report- Flexibility, partnerships key to modern policing: federal panel“Working effectively within and through this (community) web — rather than as isolated entities — will allow policing organizations to better respond to existing and emerging issues.” Makes sense for policing to engage community. They tried it in Prince Albert Saskatchewan with notable results.


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