The idea of forming a Canadian RJ organization was first discussed at the National RJ Symposium in Ottawa in 2005.

The Steering Committee held a consultation to find out if there is a need for a national RJ group. The consultation included the following steps:

Circulating a discussion paper and several reports.

  • Arranging an online survey.
  • Holding a workshop in 2009 at the Restorative Practices International conference in Vancouver.
  • Holding a meeting in Winnipeg in 2010. 99 people from a range of sectors and across much of Canada attended.
  • Establishing subcommittees to consider the organization’s vision and values; goals, activities and products; membership and structure; and fundraising.
  • Holding a workshop at the National RJ Symposium in Regina in November 2010.
  • Circulating a draft proposal for the CRJC in spring 2011.

There has been strong support throughout the consultation for establishing the CRJC, and feedback from all of these steps contributed to the proposal. The Steering Committee thanks everyone who took the time to participate in any way.

The documents from the CRJC consultation are available in our Resources.

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