June 14, 2012

A letter from the future Board of Directors of the Canadian Restorative Justice Consortium (CRJC) to the CRJC Steering Committee

Dear CRJC Steering Committee,

On behalf of the future Board of Directors of the CRJC, we extend to you our gratitude and thanks for your hard work and dedication over the past seven years. Through your devoted efforts, the concept of a national Restorative Justice (RJ) organization, having been first discussed in 2005, became a working committee in 2007 and finally evolved into a future board in 2012.

Many knowledgeable and talented people from across Canada were involved in the complex process of creating the proposal paper; a comprehensive document that will guide the future Board of Directors as they endeavour to begin turning vision into reality. We would like to recognize the following core group of people Barbara Tomporowski, James Loewen, Barbara Erb, Manon Buck, Tania Petrellis, and Jennifer Haslett and thank them for the tremendous amount of time and resources each contributed to the process. We would like to extend a special thank you to two individuals, Jennifer Haslett and Barbara Tomporowski. Jennifer and Barbara were instrumental in the success of the first meetings of the CRJC future Board of Directors. They made all the arrangements to bring us together, provided us with everything we needed when we were in Winnipeg and facilitated our first meetings. Jennifer and Barbara, you have given us a strong start. We extend a sincere thank you to both of you. A special thank you also goes to Winnipeg Mediation Services who generously provided their excellent facility for our first weekend of meetings.

The Steering Committee has created a platform to give RJ a voice at the national level. We, the future Board of Directors, are eager to formally establish the CRJC and strongly support its vision of access to RJ programs and services for all Canadians, and its mission to promote RJ at the national level and support RJ practitioners, programs, agencies and associations. You have worked collaboratively and tirelessly and we are honoured to continue your work.

Once again, thank you.

Sincerely yours,

JJ Beauchamp
Board Chair
CRJC future Board of Directors

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