Research Papers

July 2014- Set up to Fail: Bail and the Revolving Door of Pre-trial Detention

July 2014- U.S.- Recalibrating Justice: A Review of 2013 State Sentencing and Corrections Trends

April 2014- The Dalhousie Law Journal- Trauma Informed Approaches to Law- Why Restorative Justice Must Understand Trauma and Psychological Coping

March 25, 2014- Family-Victim Research – CFCN Final Report – How can victim-service programs and resources in Canada adequately address the needs of family-victims, giving particular attention to the complexity of family relationships that have been disrupted by crime?

Feb.2014- Vertically Integrated Peace Building and Community Violence Reduction in Haiti– Post-conflict peace building has emerged as a crucial global governance challenge.

Criminal Justice Policy Review Implementing and Evaluating Restorative Justice Projects in Prison, Diane Crocker- This article describes a restorative justice project run in three Canadian prisons.

UK- Restorative Justice Journal– the best and most rigorously researched theoretical and practical scholarship. Free content available.

Restorative Justice the Views of Victims and Offenders – Although originally released in 2007 the study and Restorative Justice Council- Discussion are still relevent.

Identification and Operationalization of the Major Risk Factors for Antisocial and Delinquent Behaviour among Children and Youth– Public Safety Canada

Punishment or Logical Consequences- A Response to the Punishment Debate Within Restorative Justice– Restorative justice and retributive justice systems worldwide have entered a transitional period where old and new justice paradigms overlap, resulting in imprecise terminology and inconsistent practices.

“Restorative Justice: A Primer and Exploration of Practice Across Two North American Cities”– Natalie DeFreitas has co-authored a whitepaper with researchers and psychologists from the Adler School Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice in Chicago comparing RJ practices in Vancouver vs. Chicago.

Bullying in Brazilian Schools and Restorative Practices– Bullying is a widespread phenomenon……

Exploration of RJ in one Ontario School – This qualitative case study explores the implementation of RJ within one Ontario public school.

Preliminary Analysis of the Impact of the Restorative Opportunities ProgramFr.  Eng.

Restorative Justice in the Australian Criminal Justice System–  A comprehensive review of restorative justice programs currently operating within the Australian criminal justice systems. An excellent read. 

Australian Institute of Criminology full list of publications.

Nov. 1, 2013- Restorative Justice Conferencing Using Face-to-Face Meetings of Offenders and Victims: Effects on Offender Recidivism and Victim Satisfaction. A Systematic Review– RJC’s cause a modest but highly cost effective reduction in repeat offending, with substantial benefits for victims.


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